Pilbara Regional Children's Services Plan

The Pilbara Regional Children’s Services Plan has been developed through the Regional Community Child Care Development Fund administered by the Department of Local Government and Communities and funded through the State Government’s Royalties for Regions.

Children’s services have an integral role in building liveable and safe communities, and it is widely acknowledged that they make a significant contribution to the social and economic wellbeing of communities.

Regional Development Australia Pilbara has undertaken extensive consultation in conjunction with an in-depth desk-top analysis of services provided in the region for children and their families, which has resulted in the development of the Pilbara Regional Children’s Services Plan (the Plan).  An adequate children’s services sector is paramount to the success of the Pilbara Cities Vision, as the provision of quality children’s services is one of the first factors many families consider when deciding to move to the region.

The Plan identifies key trends and issues that highlight a gap in current children’s services across the Pilbara that are impacting the sustainability of services and their capacity to deliver appropriate, accessible and reliable children’s programmes and services.  These key trends are as follows:
  • Limited professional development opportunities in the education and care industry;
  • Lack of an integrated early years network;
  • Lack of respite – education and care;
  • Limited children’s services including education and care service delivery in Indigenous communities, and
  • Low literacy and numeracy rates across the Pilbara. 
For more information on The Plan and the Implementation Plan please contact Debbie Allcott, Regional Development Officer at RDA Pilbara on 08 9144 0651 or rdo@rdapilbara.org.au.
Copies of the The Plan and Implementation Plan can be accessed below:


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