Developing Funding Proposals
A Guidance Manual for Practitioners   


Regional Development Australia (RDA) Pilbara, in conjunction with the WA RDA Network, is pleased to make available a Guidance Manual on Developing Funding Proposals. 

As competition for available funding is always strong, applicants need to ensure that they and their project are eligible, they have undertaken sufficient planning and analysis to meet the criteria, and can demonstrate that they can deliver the project. Whilst each funding programme will have specific criteria, the general approach is one of eligibility, planning, analysis and deliverability.
A quality funding submission requires the gathering and summation of many different components related to the project, often requiring external studies such as options, design, costing, economic impact and feasibility. The applicant must be prepared to make these upfront investments therefore sufficient time needs to be allocated to these processes.
The effort required to prepare a funding submission that has the best chance of success is often under estimated.This manual has therefore been prepared to assist practitioners in understanding and guiding the preparation of a funding submission.
Please see our Publications page to download the guide.


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